Sunday, 15 May 2011

Vendredi le 13 mai 2011

It is almost the end of my first week in Trois-Pistoles.  This week has been packed with fun.  We went on a tour of the town, we took a tour of the country (compagne) surrounding the town and we went to a forest with a beautiful waterfall.  We went on a hike around the wooded area for about an hour and I took lots of photos.  It was cold and a bit misty because of the waterfall, but I enjoyed every minute.  It’s nice to be outdoors, even if it is cold and windy.  This is a small, beautiful area so I want to see everything. 
That evening, we played volleyball in the gym (la gymnase) with the coach Jean-Phillipe (J.P.).  I am not very athletic, but again I just wanted to have fun so I tried my hardest.  I’m actually really good at serving, but not so good at volleying.  I bent my thumb back on my first try and it’s still sore (it happened Wednesday night).  We played for about 2 hours and afterwards a bunch of us went to La Cantine d’Amour for poutine.  The first and only time I had poutine was years ago at Burger King and it was disgusting.  I have never had it since.  I ordered fries, but Martin offered to let me try some of his poutine and I actually liked it. 
Yesterday, we went bowling after class.  I am not a good bowler either but I did pretty well the first round.  I came in second the first time and I had a lot of points.  The second time I bombed and came in last, but I had a good time.  That evening we went to the local café “Café au grains du foilles” and we sat in groups of about 4 people and Marie-Eve and Marjoline gave us all questions in French that we had to ask each other and respond to in French, like what countries have we been to, what did we dream last night, the last concert or show we saw, etc.  It was a good way of getting to know the other students here and to practise French a lot.  Last night we went back to La Cantine d’Amour for some more poutine and then went home to bed.
There is one girl living with me right now.  Her name is Elyse, and she’s very nice but she isn’t as good at French as I am.  That’s fine, except that she always asks me questions in English and talks to me in English.  I didn’t mind at first, but she’s using me as a crutch instead of learning on her own because I have to repeat everything everyone says in English.  It becomes a bit annoying when she constantly asks me instead of looking up words in a dictionary or really listening to what Yvette and Roger are saying.  I know she’s trying hard, but I’m sure if she was with someone at her level she would learn more because she couldn’t rely on someone else as much.  As of Sunday, she won’t be able to speak ANY English, so she better start getting used to listening to French and speaking it more often. 

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